the weather’s been *wonderful* the last couple of days – sunny and “warm”.
of course this means that the SNOW is disappearing – something which i have VERY mixed feelings about!
after i recovered from that first encounter, i have been totally *in love* with the cold, white stuff, and to see it melt away now is…SAD…
but my human promises me that it’ll come back “soon” (if you ask *me*, i think she’s pushing that whole “dogs live in the NOW” thing a bit too far!), and that i’ll have the WATUHR to keep me busy / happy until then!
i am NOT happy about the disappearing snow, but WATUHR…
WATUHR makes me HAPPY.
swimming is GREAT, and there’s NO swimming with all this snow and ice stuff, so…
you PROMISE me there’ll be WATUHR ans SWIMMING *soon*, human?
okay then.
*allows the snow to keep melting*

during the past week i have been working REALLY hard at training my human in giving me treats.
i use a clicker, and of course i keep all those yummy treats in my new, VERY pretty PINK treat bag.

i LOOOVE people, and so i get all excited (ÜBERexcited, you might say) whenever we meet someone – something which makes my human all tense and “worried”, because she doesn’t want anyone to think that i’m a CRAZY, UNCONTROLLABLE fourlegger.
she’s afraid that people are going to TOTALLY miss the fact that i am the kindest and happiest and friendliest fourlegger EVER, and just see THE CRAZY.

i don’t like it one bit when my human’s worried or afraid, and so i’m trying to get her to focus on giving me treats when we meet people – that way she forgets AAALL about being worried and afraid.
we’ve been working on this all week, and i think all our hard work is starting to pay off – my human’s MUCH less worried and afraid of THE CRAZY now!

“speaking of THE CRAZY, sienna…” – oh, stop it, human – if you want a toothbrush that bad, the store is FULL of them!
i, uh, yes…
i MAY have chewed on my human’s toothbrush a bit (“i found all pieces except the brush head, sienna!”), but it was not like she treated her toothbrush like it was a VALUABLE item anyway, so how was i to know she REALLY wanted to KEEP it???
she left it on the toilet seat cover when the phone rang, and the toothpaste was smelling SOOO good, and before i knew it, the toothbrush was… “resting”, had “gone to its ancestors” and “ceased to excist” (although the toothbrush was orange and not blue, and i don’t think it was from norway either – naw, forget it!)…

my human FREAKED OUT when she realized what i’d done (there; i’ve said it: yes, it was ME – happy now?), because she’s a MASTER worrier, and images of toothbrush parts starting to poke out of my tummy flashed before her eyes.
so she called lotta – at 1am!
lotta mumbled that she didn’t think i was in any danger, and that she was fully convinced that the toothbrush head would find its way out of my body without any veterinary assistance.

did my human sleep any that night?
she kept checking on me every 12 seconds or so ALL. THROUGH. THE. NIGHT.
which of course meant that *i* didn’t get to sleep either.

but like lotta predicted, i am FINE.


yup, that’s right:
today i turn ONE YEAR old!!!

i don’t *feel* any different, but my human says that the festivities haven’t started yet, and that i’ll probably start noticing changes this weekend.
she’s promised me that i can have PIZZA for lunch today, and after a quick look at the menu from the pizza place, i decided that i want a pizza called “donald duck”.
(no, the pizza toppings aren’t duck or even chicken but HAM. i have NO idea what they were thinking, but, hey, i’m not going to TALK to the pizza, so i really don’t care what its NAME is! ham is MMMGOOOD – i still remember the YUMMINESS of the ham slices i, uh, BORROWED, from vaino’s bag at THE CLUB! *lol*)

but ENOUGH about FOOD, and MORE about ME!

i almost don’t remember ever being this TINY, but since my breeder siw took this photo of me when i was about one month old, i guess i really HAVE been this tiny:

so SMALL!!!

this was the first photo my human ever saw of me, and *THUD*, and it was a done deal…

from that little red sausage, i’ve transformed into THIS:

my human says time has FLOWN by, and you know how they say that “time flies when you’re having fun”?
me and my human laugh every single day – we have A LOT of fun!

birthday gifts?
i got a REALLY nice PURPLE tracking line, so now i want all this snow we’ve gotten this winter to melt away – i want tracking season to start!!!

and then i got a REALLY nice PINK treat bag that my human clips onto her belt, so we don’t lose all those yummy treats she like to give me when i am being GOOD (aka ALL. THE. TIME. no, not really, but i try to behave when we’re together, because, come on, who DOESN’T like being praised and given treats?!),

lotta keeps ridiculing my human: “you used to HAAATE everything pink and purple and ‘girly’ . what’s happened???”
where has lotta been the past 10 months or so???
*I* happened – that’s what happened!
i am a GIRL, and i’m a PRINCESS.
and princesses have pink and purple stuff  – EVERYONE knows this!

but when princesses are being wild and crazy (and, believe me: princesses DO get wild and crazy sometimes – OFTEN!!!), they like camo stuff too, which is why my tracking harness ISN’T pink or purple, but a LOVELY shade of hunter green!

today is my FIRST birthday EVER, and i LOOOVE life!
i LOOOVE my human, and my human LOOOVES me – life is GOOD!!!


a couple of days ago, a friend of my human’s told us the most shocking thing EVER: her little doggie, yorkshire terrier boy “silver”, had been attacked by (wait for it…) A WOLF!!!

amazingly enough silver survived, although he was / is VERY badly injured.
it’s nothing less than a MIRACLE that the wolf’s teeth missed all vital organs, and the fact that the beast missed silver’s aorta by less than 1/3 of an inch is almost too incredible to comprehend…

silver was in intensive care at the V-E-T’s for almost a week, and has LOTS of bite marks and puncture wounds, but the most alarming of it all is / was that for the first few days, he had NO use of his hind legs – something which made the V-E-T fear that the wolf had damaged silver’s spinal cord.

two days ago, the V-E-T started giving up hope, and told my human’s friend that maybe it was for the best for silver if he could go to the rainbow bridge, and they actually had the trip to the bridge all booked and everything, for yesterday morning.
BUT by morning, silver miraculously had regained the use of his hind legs, which led the V-E-T to think that the temporary paralysis was due to swelling and bruising rather than actual spinal damage.

silver is now FINALLY back home with his mom (her name’s ulrika), and he’s started the LOOONG road to (hopefully) a full recovery.

“why ‘HELP!!!?”, i hear you ask.
the veterinary bills that silver’s mom has after the WOLF ATTACK are *HUGE*.
silver is insured, of course, but the insurance “only” covers veterinary care up to the sum of about 3,000 us dollars (and that sum is pretty “decent” when it comes to covering “every day” type injuries and accidents that fourleggers can get into, but who even THINKS about the possibility of a WOLF ATTACK, right???), and his care so far has already cost 4,5000 us dollars…

i’m NO good at begging, and neither is my human (or silver and his mom), but PLEASE – if you and your humans can help, i would REALLY appreciate it…
i’m not expecting the canine cyber community to donate ALL of the monees that are needed for silver’s care, but maybe you could ask your human to NOT buy that extra treat or toy for you this month, and instead help a fellow fourlegger out?

my human has asked her friends in the cheezfrenz community (a community that grew out of the http://www.icanhascheezburger.com website) for help as well, and the cheezpeeps know my human, and can tell you that she’s alright, and doesn’t lie or scam or steal (or beg, for that matter).
please go to the cheezpeeps’ online newspaper, the cheeztown cryer and read about silver (there’s a post called “halp a frend”, and it has a couple of photos of silver, and there will be information on how you can help posted on that site once the cheezland “banker”, lcb, sets everything up.


and, silver, buddy: hang in there, okay? you are one FIERCE fighter, and i am PROUD to know someone who fought a WOLF, and lived to tell about it!!!

dog day

last sunday my human and i, and lotta and the beardie girls went to our friend lisa to join a group of  fourleggers and their humans for a walk along a small road in the woods.

there were FIFTEEN fourleggers and TWELVE humans, and we all had a GREAT time!

here’s a photo of all of us who were there (well, except bosse the boxer and his humans, because they left before this photo was taken):

the yellow lab girl to the far right is called kira, and she and i played well together – we both like retrieving!

here’s a photo of the two of us (and molly’s in the photo too) chasing after a snowball that kira’s dad threw for us:

my human told kira’s dad “retrieving isn’t a GAME to sienna – it’s SERIOUS BUSINESS, her JOB, and it’s been like that ever since she was a young pup.”, and this is of course 100% true, because my breeder siw has told my human about that!

i don’t think kira’s dad believed my human, because he threw a snowball up unto a nine feet high block of stone that had rolled into the woods a great many years ago (my human did some wikipedia-ing, and came up with words like these: “ice sheet”, “quaternary period” – go check it out over at wikipedia.org if you want to know more about those words!) – i don’t think my human was born back then, so it was a REEEEAAAALLY long time ago!

i could HEAR my human think “OH NO!” (she MAY have said it out loud too, because she often worries about me and my knees, although we have NEVER noticed anything wrong with them).

“BAH, it’s COOL – she’ll NEVER make it up there!” kira’s dad said, and sneered at my human – you know the kind of sneer a person sneers when they KNOW that they’re right, and they think other people are being SILLY.

“…” is all i have to say, because my human KNOWS me!
i tried climbing that HUGE block of stone (nine or ten feet high, remember? and even though my human didn’t bring a protractor to the woods, she’s PRETTY convinced that the angle was just about as close to 90 degrees as it’s mathematically possible!) FIVE times, but i fell down every time, because i couldn’t get a good hold in the icy snow that covered the block of stone.
kira’s dad kept sneering, but my human said “just you wait, she WON’T give up!”, and was she right or was she RIGHT?
on my sixth try, i managed to get all the way to the top of that HUGE block of stone, i picked the snowball up and then (my human closed her eyes, because she was too afraid to watch!) i THREW myself out into thin air, and landed in the snow right next to the block of stone, and after that i went up to kira’s dad, with the snowball still in my mouth.
kira’s dad didn’t say much after that, but he stopped sneering…

lisa had brought a very nice table into the woods, and she’d set it up at the end of the small road that we were walking on.
all twoleggers had cheese sandwiches and hot chocolate.
now, my human KNOWS how…hmmm…”LIVELY” i am, so she figured she’d wait for lotta to catch up with us (she had of course brought her camera, and took a lot of photos of her beardie girls along the road, so she fell a bit behind the rest of us).
lotta took her sweet time, and so finally lisa came up to my human with a cheese sandwich and a cup of hot chocolate.
that cheese sandwich looked REEEAAALLY good, and i quickly came up with a plan, and then i acted!
i lept up and pushed with my nose on my human’s right hand (the hand holding the cup of hot chocolate).
my human burned her hand a little (don’t worry – she’s okay! the trick is to do JUUUST enough “damage” to make the humans unfocused for that crucial split second!), and TOTALLY forgot about the fact that in her left hand she was holding the world’s yummiest cheese sandwich, and so she dropped it (the sandwich, that is – her left hand is still very firmly attached to her body!) onto the ground.
so far my plan had worked PERFECTLY, and i THREW myself towards the sandwich, but WT*BEEEP*???
my human had apparently practised her ability to react FAST, and so i didn’t get one itty bitty piece of that cheese sandwich!
all that planning and hard work for NOTHING!!!
*REALLY peed off*
“come on now, sienna, ‘nothing’ really isn’t true, is it?” says my human – “you got a real firm talking to from me!”…
*angry glares*

here’s a photo of me and my human while she’s talking about boston terriers with veronica, who used to be owned by two boston terrier boys.
my human used to be TOTALLY convinced that she’d be owned by “elma, the boston terrier” after totte went to the rainbow bridge, plus my twolegger grandma is owned by boston terrier princess signe, so my human and veronica had a lot to talk about!

it was a VERY nice day, and we hope we’ll get to do this again very soon!
a BIG “thankyou!” to lisa and lotta for organizing the dog day!

letter from my human

dear sienna,

ten months today – ten WONDERFUL months…


this month you’ve been a bit bored, since i’ve been so tired because of a lot of really STUPID stuff that’s happened in our life.
i’m so sorry about that, sienna, but i’m trying to get back on track now that that really STUPID stuff is starting to work itself out.

you learned two new tricks this month:

a) “kiss”


b) to jump up into my lap when i’m sitting in a chair

we’ve also (with the help of clicker training) started to REALLY work on learning to greet people CALMLY, the one thing that is the hardest of all for you, since you LOOVE people!
(i think i remember reading somewhere that tollers are a bit reserved against strangers, but it’s VERY clear that *you* haven’t read this – i think you were handed the the golden retriever’s greeting manual instead of the toller one!)

i let you try walking/jogging on the treadmill that my mom bought for me, and you like that a lot!

you’re my BLOOD, sienna, and i LOVE you…
i *often* think about how lucky i am to be able to spend all day, every day, with you, and i don’t think you understand how *amazing* it is that i am able to think of it that way…

i think neither one of us can wait for all of this snow to disappear, so we can start tracking again, but, okay – playing in the snow is PRETTY wonderful too!
do you remember how TERRIFIED you were when you first saw snow?
NOW you’re CRAZY about that white stuff!
you LOVE to throw yourself out / up into all the snow, and you *LOVELOVELOVE* to climb right to the top of a “snowmountain”, and then throw yourself headfirst down again!
i haven’t worried about your knees in a LONG time, sienna…
i’m so HAPPY that you don’t seem to notice that your knee joints are a bit loose, because you’re SUCH an active fourlegger – what would your life be like if you weren’t able/allowed to climb and run all over the place?

to share my life with you IS my life – you are *amazing*, and everything you do is amazing too…
(i KNOW that most of the time you’re “just” a normal fourlegger, so sometimes i tell you: “yes, everything you do *is* amazing, sienna, but everything isn’t worth a click and a treat!”, because you’re VERY well aware of my feelings for you, and since you’re such a smart treatoholic you often try to take advantage of those feelings! *snerk*)

to wake up next to you, or to feel your warm body against my feet, is wonderful – who could be in a lousy morning mood?
not me, anyway.

these ten months have been absolutely wonderful, and i look forward to sharing MANY, MANY more months with you, little girl!

i LOVE you, sienna, and i thank all that is GOOD that we found each other…

your human

yup, it sure is: my besterest friend in the WHOLE WORLD turns two years old today!!!!


mimmi FINALLY learned how to wrestle, and so now we can play both catch-me-if-you-can games and wrestling games, and so now we get to take turns being the winner!

i like mimmi A LOT, and i’ve learned SO much from her!
EVERYBODY should have a friend like mimmi, i think, but it feels GOOD to be “chosen”…

i’m a bit sad that the birthday gift me and my human got for you turned out to be too small, but we’ll sort that out in a week or two, okay?

THANKYOU for being you, mimmi – i LOVE you, my besterest friend!

MUCH LOVE from your best friend,
ps. those of you who read this and AREN’T mimmi: run over to her blog (in swedish) and wish her a happy birthday!

i’m an aunt!

a couple of days ago, me and my human got an email from my breeder siw.
she told us (among other things) that my halfsister tova has given birth to seven puppies, so now i’m an aunt!
welcome to the world, little toller babies!!!

here’s a photo of tova: